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Whenever we go, all around the world, we see flowers. In weddings when we are the most happier in our whole life, in funerals when we are so sad for our lost, when someone is born, in birthdays when we grow up. We buy and send flowers and roses in many different occasions during our lives; when we are happy and when we are sad, flowers can express our different feelings and emotions and show them to the others. Bahrain flowers are the best flowers in the country that can help you in your path.

Maya /Free delivery
$85.00 | 61 Euro
Rosette /18 extra Pink roses
$118.00 | 84 Euro
$129.00 | 92 Euro
Celine /Free Delivery
$129.00 | 92 Euro
$130.00 | 93 Euro
$174.00 | 125 Euro
$174.00 | 125 Euro
$174.00 | 125 Euro

When you are in need, all you have to do is to go to our site, Flowers-Bahrain.com and see the diversity we have to offer. We will present to you a multitude of roses of all colors, flowers of all kinds, bouquets of all types, arrangements full of original ideas and formidable looks.

We have been working in this field a long time ago. Since 1985, we have started our work as a family business, and till now we are still a family company that gives from its heart and treat all the customers and clients as her own kids. We are very known worldwide because of our special treatment, our sincere work, our good quality, and of course our service and delivery system. Year after another, we have been gardening our own flowers, besides importing the kinds we can not plant because of the country’s weather or any other reason from well-known countries after travelling to there and controlling their quality in order to respond to our standards that we worked hard since the beginning to preserve it. We have been and still are at the service of each person who wants to add some joy to his home, who needs to ornament the space for a special occasion and make sure that he won’t ever find a similar decoration. Send flowers to Bahrain with us and you will be more than satisfied. Note that we do not charge any extra fees when we deliver the bouquets you order from our shop, and you would certainly know this on the spot.

Add the sense of the nature to all of your events with flowers of Bahrain, this will help you feel less stressed, more happy and satisfied. And you can as well bring this sensation to your loved ones by sending them lovely flowers, chocolate and gifts from our reputed shop. Once you try us, you will ever never think about any other shop or business, because we do our best to keep you at our side. Send flowers to Bahrain, to Manama and all the cities and villages over the country: from the east to the west, we are capable to cover the space and even more. When we decide, when we put in mind a specific goal, we do not stop or be content with anything until we reach our goal. With Bahrain flowers, nothing is impossible, everything is reachable.


When I need something special to send, I only think about your shop that always offer me the best.



Thank you for being interested in my opinion and taking it into consideration. I liked the bouquet of lilies very much.



 My brother adored the arrangements of chocolate that is sent yesterday to the hospital for his newborn boy. Thank you



I just want to tell that I am astonished by the freshness of your flowers. They live for a long period.



I live in the far east of the country and I was late for ordering a nice bouquet for my party, but you made it just on time. Thank you very much.


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